The Work Uniform in Action

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the versatility of the work uniform, my go-to silhouette for taking the drama out of getting dressed. My niece Emmi liked the idea, but wondered how versatile it really was. In other words, was it boring?

Actually, no.

Because I stick to one silhouette, rather than one color or a couple of items (i.e. the woman who bought 15 silk white shirts and several pairs of black pants), I have a fun little mix-and-match wardrobe with endless possibilities. I made a little stop motion animation to show you what I mean.

See? Variations on a theme. It’s work appropriate, flattering to my figure, adaptable to any season and definitely not boring or basic. In any sense of the word. Kind of like Garanimals for grownups.

Again, this is my take on the work uniform. You can design one that suits your own style. You’ll find that your clothing budget goes further and your mornings are less manic but you’re still able to express your mood and personality.

Convinced? What’s your work uniform look like?

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