20 Things We’re Summer Lovin’ Right Now!

Time to share more of our current obsessions. These are the 20 things we’re loving right now. Morgan’s list 1.  Strawberry Smoothies from Starbucks 2. Being alone! I’m so used to having a boyfriend all the time I forgot how nice it was to spend alone time with yourself! 3. Going to the gym! While sometimes I lack motivation, going to … Read More

YogaGlo Review: Stretch your body, not your budget

One of my goals this year was to commit to a regular yoga and meditation practice. Actually this is my goal every year, and while I might do yoga a few times a month, I’m never consistent enough to really feel like I have an actual practice. I hoped signing up an online subscription service could change that. Following is … Read More

Adultish: 5 signs you’re not totally tragic

Sometimes it can feel like everyone has their shit together but me. Other people talk about hustling and grinding like it’s their favorite form of cardio, whereas I feel “adultish,” – spread too thin or like I’m running just to stand still. I mean, look at all the things that would have to happen to make me think life was … Read More

Home Gym on a Budget

Oh to have the home gym of a Hollywood starlet. Not to mention a hot personal trainer to go with it. Unfortunately, limited space and limited funds mean you have to be a little bit more strategic when putting together a home gym of your own. And yes, a home gym is a must, because working out is a must … Read More

Be Your Own Valentine (Even if you have a S.O.)

Valentine’s Day can be somewhat polarizing. Some people embrace it as a day to celebrate love and romance and all things chocolate. Others dismiss it as a Hallmark holiday. And if you’re single, like my niece Emmi is right now … well, you might be tempted to hibernate through the whole thing. But don’t! Whether you have an S.O. or not, why … Read More

The Key to Workout Consistency

When it comes to books and boys, I’m a stage-five clinger. You have to pry both out of my sweaty little fists. With my workouts, though, I’m more of the love ’em and leave ’em type. Which, surprisingly enough, actually works in my favor when it comes to sticking with my workouts. And not because switching up my routine keeps me from getting bored (though it definitely … Read More

Using Your “Saturday Self” to Find a Workout You Love

For me, working out became a necessity in college, and not because of the Freshman 15. This was back in the day before everyone had cell phones and social media, and your life was ruled by a single flashing red button – the one that indicated you had a message on your answering machine. I was in a just-starting-to-turn-toxic relationship … Read More