Valentine Solo Acts

Whether you’re consciously coupled or steadfastly single, Valentine’s Day (or Anna Howard Shaw Day, if you prefer) is a great time to show yourself some love. Here are some great suggestions from the Aunt-bassadors on easy ways to celebrate your S.S. (Significant Self).  Whether you get a massage like Melissa, turn your room into a special space like Meghan or do … Read More

Ink Again: Why my second tattoo probably won’t be my last

“Is there something you want to tell us? “Why would you do that? “Are you depressed?” “That’s weird.” Given the responses to my first tattoo, a semicolon that symbolizes suicide awareness, you might think I’d be gun shy about getting another one. But while the semicolon was a reminder that, despite my anxiety and depression, my story is not over, my … Read More

The F*ck It List: Toxic beliefs and behaviors to lose in 2017

Not going to lie: 2016 was tough. Everyone seemed to be limping toward the finish line and many of us were furiously setting goals for a happier, more productive 2017. But instead of focusing only on the things we want to accomplish in the new year, Morgan and I decided to identify some beliefs and behaviors we wanted to leave … Read More