30 things we’re loving in February

Feel like you’re just hanging in there till spring? Us too! Here are 30 things helping us survive the winter doldrums. Fondue –Whether you make cheese or chocolate, or cook savory meats and veggies in bubbling oil, fondue is a party in a pot. New blog post, coming soon. Aquaphor – We always have this skin-saving salve on hand. And … Read More

Skin Zen – 5 Reasons Not to Wash Your Face Before Bed

Finally the dirty girl manifesto you’ve been waiting for! Well… not so fast. I’m not saying you shouldn’t wash your face (or brush your teeth, for that matter), ever. Just that – as is usually the case – timing is everything. I suggest you move your nighttime routine earlier in the evening. Say, right after dinner or before your shower. You’ll be … Read More

Jessica Jones: Your Next Netflix Binge

(Spoiler-free!) Ready to spend the long holiday weekend binge watching Jessica Jones on Netflix? Trust me, way more satisfying that that third helping of sweet potatoes. Here are my spoiler-free thoughts on the show. Jessica Jones stars Veronica Mars-alum, Krysten Ritter as a super hero turned private eye in this dark and disturbing 13-episode series. It’s refreshing to see Ritter play … Read More