10 Commandments of Curly Hair

      It took decades to love my super thick curly hair. When I was younger, stylists assured my mom that a shorter length was better, thinning shears were a must and a perm would help “control the curls”. Lies, all lies. Looking back at pictures from high school, it’s no wonder I stayed a virgin as long I … Read More

Horror movie makeover – Se7en ways to be scary beautiful

Sometimes, the things we do in the name of beauty sound downright horrific – shooting Botulinum toxins into our faces, burning our skin with lasers, letting fish eat the dead flesh off our feet. Seriously, Wes Craven has nothing on your dermatologist or that sketchy day spa down the street. Well, the good news is, you don’t have to go … Read More

30 things we’re loving in February

Feel like you’re just hanging in there till spring? Us too! Here are 30 things helping us survive the winter doldrums. Fondue –Whether you make cheese or chocolate, or cook savory meats and veggies in bubbling oil, fondue is a party in a pot. New blog post, coming soon. Aquaphor – We always have this skin-saving salve on hand. And … Read More

Auntie Venom’s Most Popular Posts in 2016

It was a great first year for Auntie Venom blog and Morgan and I thank you for your support. We were still finding our footing for the first few months (and I was calling Morgan Emmi before she became a full time collaborator) but we got into a groove and now have a clear vision for 2017. We also have … Read More

Young Ladies of the SEC, There’s No Shame in Our Game

Headed to an SEC game this weekend? You’ve probably heard about one blogger who wants the young ladies of the SEC to “leave the club clothes at home.” Her controversial post has been taken down but, alas, those screen shots live on. I’ve seen tons of reactions to her essay ranging from frothing rage against bullying and body shaming (which, admittedly, is the … Read More

30 things we’re loving for Summer

Morgan and I love these  30 Things posts and thought summer deserved its own. Here are the thing we’re excited about right now. MORGAN Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation: Full coverage but never cakey. Dorm shopping Chacos Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette Nike Revolution running shoes The color navy Rompers: Someone finally made jumpsuits cooler. Elton John Short Hair Journaling: I have too many crazy … Read More

I love makeup. Deal with it.

Today, my niece Emmi is joining the blog. Only her name is not really Emmi – it’s Morgan. (Morgan Elizabeth … M E – see what I did there?) I gave her that pseudonym to protect her privacy when she was under 18, but as she’s constantly reminding me, she’s not a little girl anymore. See for yourself as she … Read More

5 Lip Colors to Complement Your Resting Bitch Face

I love lipstick. If I could only take one cosmetic item to a desert island, it’d probably be lipstick. With sunglasses and a bold lip, you can look pulled together in any kind of survival situation. Also you can use it as blush. But the real value of a good lip color is its ability to offset my chronic Resting Bitch Face … Read More

30 things I’m loving in January

I love these  30 Things posts and thought January would be a perfect time for another one. During the holidays, I tried to purge a lot of the clutter out of my life and am trying to be more intentional about the stuff I collect. Ok, hoard. Still, there are some things that easily pass the KonMari “Does this bring me joy?” … Read More