Gingery Coconut Carrot Soup Recipe

Your favorite ginger Morgan and I are still on our road trip to Asheville, NC, but we have a fantastic recipe for Gingery Coconut Carrot Soup to share in our absence. The star of this velvety smooth coconut carrot soup is spicy ginger (and lots of it), but a pinch of nutmeg makes a delicious cameo. It’s that little extra something people won’t immediately … Read More

We Be Trippin’ – Spring Break Road Trip to Asheville, NC

Sorry for the blogging hiatus. Morgan and I have been crazy with school and work, respectively, earning us both a well-deserved spring break road trip. (One of the perks of being an auntie – I get to go on spring break!) Tomorrow we’re loading up the Subaru and hitting the road for Asheville, North Carolina for a DIY wellness retreat. … Read More

Secrets of a Social Drinker

If it’s true that you’re only as sick as your secrets, alcoholism was a terminal illness in my family. Only it didn’t kill my grandfather. He killed a child in a drunk driving accident and went to jail for five years. I just sat with that sentence for a long time wondering if I could actually share his story. His … Read More

Valentine Solo Acts

Whether you’re consciously coupled or steadfastly single, Valentine’s Day (or Anna Howard Shaw Day, if you prefer) is a great time to show yourself some love. Here are some great suggestions from the Aunt-bassadors on easy ways to celebrate your S.S. (Significant Self).  Whether you get a massage like Melissa, turn your room into a special space like Meghan or do … Read More

Body “Positive” or Body “Pretty Sure?”

As a follow-up to Madi’s post about body acceptance , the Aunt-bassadors, our advisory group of more then 50 fierce, fearless women, weigh in with their own perspective on body image. It’s something we all still deal with in our own way. Sometimes, when it’s too hard to be body “positive”, the best we can hope for is body “pretty sure.” Mary E: I … Read More

Fat is my frenemy

I am a plus-size freshman at the University of Alabama – a size 22, to be exact. Yes, that is a gentle increase from the size that most girls my age are, and that’s okay. When some people think of someone who is plus size, they think “fat”. That is the most disgusting, terrorizing three lettered word out there and … Read More

Emotional Abuse – The Scars You Can’t See

“Hey.” That’s all the text said but I deleted it immediately. It was from a guy friend of mine and I was afraid what my boyfriend at the time would say if he saw it. Something inside me clicked when I deleted that text. I thought to myself “Why the hell should I be afraid?” Almost in daze, I began … Read More

Shop smart – 5 ways to feel morally superior about your shopping cart

Whenever I’m unloading my groceries in the checkout lane, I always scan my selections and pretend I have to justify my purchases to an imaginary nutritionist who’s writing an article called about how to shop smart for Shape magazine. Weird, I know. But years ago, I actually read an article just like that in Shape magazine, where a nutritionist was … Read More

Whole30 Check in – Avocado Everything

It’s a curious first world problem to stand in front of your well-stocked pantry and think, “There’s nothing in here I can eat.” To see cans of black beans and garbanzo beans, oatmeal and peanut butter and shake your head mournfully before closing the door. But that’s Whole30 for you. Despite the deprivation and the world seeming to conspire against me, I … Read More

Strategic Snacking for Energy, Workouts and More

Hunger – or boredom, stress and PMS masquerading as hunger – can derail your healthy eating habits. Strategic snacking however, can help you stay on track with your health goals, while fueling your workouts and boosting your energy. Here are some of excellent options for the most common snacking occasions. To beat your afternoon energy slump: Steamed edamame is packed with energy … Read More