Best Fictional Female Outsiders

The boys have their Holden Caulfield, their Boo Radley and Ignatius J. Reilly. And yeah, I love those guys too. But where are the fictional female outsiders rebelling without a cause on behalf of disgruntled girls everywhere? We rounded up a few anti-social anti-heroines to lurk around the edges of the party with us or to share a smoke behind … Read More

5 Fictional Villains We All Secretly Identify With

Ever watched a movie or read a book and thought, “Wait, she’s the villain?” Or wanted to yell “Twinning!” only to have everyone else in the theatre cheer when your girl gets shot in a bathtub? And for what? Boiling a bunny? Maybe she was paleo, you don’t know. Some fictional villains make being bad look so good, you can … Read More