YogaGlo Review: Stretch your body, not your budget

One of my goals this year was to commit to a regular yoga and meditation practice. Actually this is my goal every year, and while I might do yoga a few times a month, I’m never consistent enough to really feel like I have an actual practice. I hoped signing up an online subscription service could change that. Following is … Read More

The Key to Workout Consistency

When it comes to books and boys, I’m a stage-five clinger. You have to pry both out of my sweaty little fists. With my workouts, though, I’m more of the love ’em and leave ’em type. Which, surprisingly enough, actually works in my favor when it comes to sticking with my workouts. And not because switching up my routine keeps me from getting bored (though it definitely … Read More

Insanity Workout Week 8 – Finished!

Insanity Workout Week 8 is finished! I completed all 63 days! via GIPHY Sweaty high fives all around! And yes, you read that right, it’s 63 days, not 60. What’s up with that, Shaun T? I finished this morning and already I miss my nightly sweat sessions with the Insanity crew. Below are the results of my last two fit tests … Read More

Insanity Workout – Fit Test

This summer, work seemed to take over my life and I slacked off my workouts big time. No, I never gave them up completely – otherwise we’d be talking about insanity of a whole different kind. But I did have far too many “something is better than nothing” weeks and I’m noticing too much lap under my laptop. Now I’m … Read More