Working with women – 12 reasons you’ll LOVE it

As a writer in the advertising industry, I’ve worked with mostly guys over the years, and while they’re great, I’ve really enjoyed the shift in our agency toward having more women on our teams. While women sometimes get stereotyped as being competitive or catty, I can assure you of two things: 1. those are equal opportunity traits – often more a reflection of … Read More

The Career Gap: Finding Joy Between Jobs

Michelle G., one of our fierce, fearless Aunt-bassadors, shares what she’s learning during a career gap. Turns out, what seems like a black hole on your résumé can actually be a time of growth and unexpected joy.  As a general rule, I avoid giving advice. I think that I’ll either jinx myself the moment I say “this fact is absolute” or … Read More

Career Goals: When Your Job is Like a Bad Boyfriend

Let me be clear: I’m not suggesting you look at your boss as a boyfriend or girlfriend. (Shudder.) That sets you up for all sorts of emotional drama you don’t need in the workplace. But when you’re assessing your career goals, sometimes it can be helpful to compare your job to something you might have more experience with: a dating … Read More

5 Interview Tips that Say I Came to Slay

When I was looking for my first job in advertising, I had so many interview tips swirling around in my head, I actually started to psych myself out. Don’t cross your legs, one magazine cautioned, a tip I remembered two seconds too late, causing me to freeze with my leg in midair. Then put it back down. I pretended not … Read More

Comfy work clothes that won’t make you a business casualty

I have a secret. As much as I like to look pulled together and polished at work, I have to be comfortable. As in, flannel pajama comfortable. I fight a constant battle between my desire to lean in and lounge around. Yes, there are days when I have to slip into my sharpest pencil skirt and high heels, but for the most part I … Read More

So You Want To Be A … Music Therapist

I’m a big fan of therapy. And as someone who survived her teen years with The Cure playing non-stop on her Walkman, I can attest to the therapeutic powers of music. But I’ve never really understood how a music therapist works with her clients until my friend Jessica explained her job to me. Whereas I used to think music could help you express your feelings … Read More

Imposter Syndrome – secret shame or secret weapon?

I’ve had imposter syndrome pretty much my whole career. My disguise at this point is quite convincing: 40-something Creative Director writing ad copy or directing commercial shoots in a short skirt and sensible shoes. I work hard to make it look easy, to speak with authority and project confidence so that no one suspects I’m sometimes quaking in my booties. I … Read More

Working with your Gen X boss – 3 ways to manage up

Chances are your boss is a generation older, likely from Generation X. This generation of Reality Bites has gone from slacker cynics on the proverbial couch to leading teams in open-plan offices. And like each generation before (Boomers) and after (Millennials), they have their own style and their own way of doing things. And if you’re a Millennial or Generation Z, … Read More

So You Want To Be A … Wildlife Curator

With some job, you have to claw your way to the top. When you’re a wildlife curator, though, your job often claws back. Meet my friend, Chivon, the Wildlife Curator for Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve here in Birmingham, Alabama. Chivon’s worked with livestock and zoo animals and now gets up close and personal with snakes, owls and all sorts of creepy crawly things that inhabit this gorgeous, … Read More

Speak so that people listen

Despite my introverted nature, not to mention fear and loathing of public speaking, I’ve always enjoyed joining the discussion in classes or meetings. In my writing workshops in college, I first learned how to speak so that people listen by deconstructing novels and critiquing my fellow writers’ works. My passion for writing allowed me to speak confidently in a way I never could … Read More