Career Goals: When Your Job is Like a Bad Boyfriend

Let me be clear: I’m not suggesting you look at your boss as a boyfriend or girlfriend. (Shudder.) That sets you up for all sorts of emotional drama you don’t need in the workplace. But when you’re assessing your career goals, sometimes it can be helpful to compare your job to something you might have more experience with: a dating … Read More

5 Interview Tips that Say I Came to Slay

When I was looking for my first job in advertising, I had so many interview tips swirling around in my head, I actually started to psych myself out. Don’t cross your legs, one magazine cautioned, a tip I remembered two seconds too late, causing me to freeze with my leg in midair. Then put it back down. I pretended not … Read More

Standing Desk Diaries: Why I Gave Up Sitting Down

Sitting is the new smoking – you’ve heard that right? Those claims may be a little exaggerated, but there’s no doubt that we are far too sedentary for our own good. A study by the British Psychological Society found people spend an average of 5 hours and 41 minutes per day sitting at their desk – and that doesn’t even include our … Read More

Imposter Syndrome – secret shame or secret weapon?

I’ve had imposter syndrome pretty much my whole career. My disguise at this point is quite convincing: 40-something Creative Director writing ad copy or directing commercial shoots in a short skirt and sensible shoes. I work hard to make it look easy, to speak with authority and project confidence so that no one suspects I’m sometimes quaking in my booties. I … Read More

Working with your Gen X boss – 3 ways to manage up

Chances are your boss is a generation older, likely from Generation X. This generation of Reality Bites has gone from slacker cynics on the proverbial couch to leading teams in open-plan offices. And like each generation before (Boomers) and after (Millennials), they have their own style and their own way of doing things. And if you’re a Millennial or Generation Z, … Read More

Speak so that people listen

Despite my introverted nature, not to mention fear and loathing of public speaking, I’ve always enjoyed joining the discussion in classes or meetings. In my writing workshops in college, I first learned how to speak so that people listen by deconstructing novels and critiquing my fellow writers’ works. My passion for writing allowed me to speak confidently in a way I never could … Read More

So You Want To Be An … Entrepreneur

I did a commercial last year that included the statistic, “67% of Millennials want to one day own their own business.” And why not? Today’s aspiring entrepreneur has several key factors working in their favor. Thanks to a recovering economy, social media and digital platforms, combined with our sharing economy, tech-savvy startups are disrupting entire industries. (Looking at you, Uber.) … Read More

So You Want To Be An … Account Exec

Some of the best career advice I’ve ever gotten: “Be someone who raises the company IQ”  The giver of this advice, the Executive Creative Director of the second advertising agency I’d ever worked for, pushed me harder than I’d ever been pushed. In a good way. (Not like this guy.) He taught me to think beyond the assignment and look at the bigger picture. … Read More

Public Speaking Sucks. Period. (5 ways to make it suck less.)

Today I was told I have to give two presentations for work. One tomorrow. The other at the end of the month. Public speaking, my favorite. Already, the cups of my bra runneth over with stress sweat. That’s what happens to me when I get nervous: sweat ‘stache, pit stains and boob sweat. Hot mess, party of one? This girl right … Read More