How “me time” can improve your “we time”

One thing Morgan and I love about the Aunt-bassadors, our advisory board of 50 fierce, fearless women, is the wide range of perspectives they bring to any topic we throw at them. I mean, that’s why we chose these ladies in the first place. Their ages range from 20-60 but the majority of them are Millennials. They live pretty much … Read More

Love Lessons from My Exes

As part of our new mini series, Love Lesson from My Exes, we’re sharing what women of all ages have learned about love (and themselves) on the dating scene. Here are Susan’s love lessons so far. 1. Holding a grudge against an ex will only be harmful to you, not to your ex. 2. Good sex is not a good enough reason to stay … Read More

Warsan Shire: The unexpected gift of Lemonade

Morgan shares her newfound love for the poetry of Warsan Shire and what it means to her.    Beyonce’s Lemonade gave me all the feels for a lot of reasons. If you’ve ever gone through a bad breakup, been cheated on or desperately needed to draw strength from your tribe, you know what I’m talking about. But Bey’s visual album … Read More

Ultimate Break Up Playlist

Breaking up is hard to do, no matter what stage of life you’re in. And to prove it, both Morgan and I put together our Ultimate Break Up playlist to help you survive a split. While you may be tempted to listen to a single song on repeat (single being the operative word), we suggest letting several songs gently coax you … Read More

Ex Ed: Love lessons from my exes, not Judy Blume

God knows I love Judy Blume but there are several key love lessons she kind of dropped the ball on. Stuff I had to learn on the street. When my niece Emmi broke up with her last boyfriend, she wasn’t interested in turning her heartache into a teachable moment, and I get that. But even in the midst of your agony, … Read More

The Friend Detox

My niece Emmi is going through one of those painful rites of passage that make growing up so hard – breaking up with a close friend. I tell her this might just be a temporary break, but she feels like it’s bigger than a time out. More like an over and out. The first time that happened to me, I … Read More