Auntie Heroes – This week’s roundup of fierce, fearless women

Women who defy conventions, shake up the status quo and succeed on their own terms? We call them Auntie Heroes and here are some standouts for this week. Gabby and her Girls, Baller Babes:  Congrats to The University of Connecticut women’s basketball team for winning its record-setting  100th consecutive game on Monday night. They haven’t lost a game since November 2014 (in … Read More

Body “Positive” or Body “Pretty Sure?”

As a follow-up to Madi’s post about body acceptance , the Aunt-bassadors, our advisory group of more then 50 fierce, fearless women, weigh in with their own perspective on body image. It’s something we all still deal with in our own way. Sometimes, when it’s too hard to be body “positive”, the best we can hope for is body “pretty sure.” Mary E: I … Read More

Fat is my frenemy

I am a plus-size freshman at the University of Alabama – a size 22, to be exact. Yes, that is a gentle increase from the size that most girls my age are, and that’s okay. When some people think of someone who is plus size, they think “fat”. That is the most disgusting, terrorizing three lettered word out there and … Read More

Young Ladies of the SEC, There’s No Shame in Our Game

Headed to an SEC game this weekend? You’ve probably heard about one blogger who wants the young ladies of the SEC to “leave the club clothes at home.” Her controversial post has been taken down but, alas, those screen shots live on. I’ve seen tons of reactions to her essay ranging from frothing rage against bullying and body shaming (which, admittedly, is the … Read More

The Key to Workout Consistency

When it comes to books and boys, I’m a stage-five clinger. You have to pry both out of my sweaty little fists. With my workouts, though, I’m more of the love ’em and leave ’em type. Which, surprisingly enough, actually works in my favor when it comes to sticking with my workouts. And not because switching up my routine keeps me from getting bored (though it definitely … Read More

If I wrote Oprah’s Weight Watchers ad

“What about diet pills?’ “Do juice cleanses work?” * Silently sobs in the H&M dressing room * My niece Emmi has come to me several times throughout her young life asking for advice on how to lose weight. Not going to lie: these conversations strike fear in my heart. I’ve struggled with body acceptance my whole life, having watched my … Read More