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I’m not the only auntie who wants to pass along some hard-earned knowledge and experience. Meet Christina, the blogger/makeup artist/stylist behind PinkLux, a community for everyone who loves fashion and beauty on a budget. I first spotted Christina at a See Jane Write event and thought, “If that girl’s not a beauty blogger, she should be.” She radiates confidence and natural beauty, something she helps her clients achieve through one-on-one coaching, workshops and e-courses. She’s also got some great advice for anyone looking to start a blog of their own.

Tell us about PinkLux and how you got started blogging.
PinkLux is not your average blog, it is a beauty, fashion and confidence boosting PinkLuxcommunity for all girls and women. Through PinkLux, I strive to help girls and women build confidence by finding their inner beauty and style. “Style is not just the clothes you wear, but who you are inside and out”. My manifesto “Be Unique, Be You” inspires those who feel like there’s no lane to fit in. I motivate them to
create their own lane. I started blogging as a way to help girls and women feel confident in their skin. Being a victim of bullying in high school I know how it feels to be called “ugly”!

Tell us about your career path. What did you study in school, or what professional training do you have and what jobs led you to this one?

It is funny because I have always had a passion for beauty and fashion since I was a little girl but somehow I went to school for law. Don’t get me wrong I love practicingScreen Shot 2015-11-09 at 7.21.02 PM law however, that is not the way I want to help people. Through college I still helped ladies find their outfits for events, did their makeup or just gave them advice. I did not know at the time those actions were preparing me for who I am today.

Can you tell us what a typical day is like? How do you find clients?
A typical day only starts out well if I have my schedule. I know that is sad but to be honest I still work a full time job so every second counts in my day. From 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. I am at Corporate America, after 4:01 p.m. the real fun starts. Once I get home I go over my schedule, send emails, create content for the blog, and setup appointments. The majority of my clients come from word of mouth, networking, viewers on social media and my blog. This a definitely a work in progress but with hard work, faith and determination it will be my full time job.

Where do you see this job taking you?
I do not look at it as a job but a purpose that I have to serve and help individuals. I see myself making an impact in millions of ladies lives, traveling doing my work, and growing PinkLux into network/brand.

How do you (and you alone) define success in this career? How will you know you’ve “made it?”
Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 7.21.11 PMI have only been blogging for a year but I have been motivating, educating and inspiring girls and women for years. To me success is hearing the “thank you” come out of a girl or lady’s mouth. The smiles on their faces when they see their makeup on their wedding day or prom. The fact that I have helped ladies learn their personal style and how to dress for success. There is not a monetary value that can replace those smiles or amounts of confidence the ladies have gained.

The secret to the perfect cat’s eye eludes me, despite dozens of YouTube tutorials. What’s your technique?
Creating a cat eye had to be the hardest makeup application ever. One wing is always wider or longer and at the end you look like you have a lazy eye. My trick is to use Scotch tape or a business card on both eyes to get those crisp and equal edges. I also recommend using a liquid or gel liner because it goes on smooth and will decrease messing up.

What’s the secret to a well-organized closet?
First, take out all of your clothes and determine what you are going to wear. Most Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 7.21.29 PMwomen have clothes that they cannot fit still taking up space in the closet. Donate them or give them away. Second, definitely look into buying suede grip hangers, they are thinner than the traditional plastic hangers but they will save you so much space in your closet. Third, divide by category (tops, bottoms, etc), and color coordinate. It will save you so much time when you look in your closet for something to wear. Required reading: Christina’s Tips for Giving Your Closet a fall makeover.

What’s your fall must-have for fashion and makeup?
For fall my fashion must haves are fur, fringe, plaid, anything grey or olive! I am obsessed with fur (faux fur) because it instantly makes any outfit look lux. My fall makeup must haves are a great foundation such as Too Face Born This Way and a deep orange or berry matte liquid lipstick. You can never go wrong with great looking skin and a bold lip. Required reading: Christina’s Fall Makeup Must Haves
and Christina’s Top Lipstick Shades for Fall.

Who were your role models when you were considering your career?
When starting off my beauty and fashion career I did not look up to those in the industry I looked up to those who started from nothing and believed God would provide them the right path for their life such as my mother, Oprah and Steve Harvey. I know you are probably jaw dropped right now. Don’t get me wrong, I love designers and other makeup artist, however, I strive to create my own lane. Those 3 individuals show me that dreams do come true with hard work and being yourself.

Pink LuxIs there something you wish someone had told you before you went into this field?
I wish someone had told me that I cannot do it all alone. Even though I am the person physically doing everything I still need the support and encouragement. I like to call them my PL’s or tribe. No matter what you want to do in life you need a tribe. Those are the ones that will stand by you on a rough day and celebrate with you when blessings come. Also, do not expect large amounts of customers or views overnight, you are setting yourself up for failure because numbers can be depressing. Remember why you started and keep pushing.

What is the best thing about your job?
The best thing about being in the beauty and fashion industry is helping girls and ladies feel beautiful inside and out. I strive to boost their confidence so when they are not wearing makeup or a fancy outfit they still feel beautiful.

What’s the suckiest part?
The suckiest part of the job is that I do not get to share my passion with others all day. Also, sometimes people expect services for free but do not realize how much time and effort goes in getting the job done.

What stresses you out about your job and how do you deal with it?
I get really stressed out when things do not go to plan. To prevent this from happening as much as possible, I keep everything written down and in my planner.

How do you define beauty? How do you bring that out in your clients though your work?
Beauty comes from the inside and shows on the outside. This is something I teach and say to all of my clients. Your makeup and outfit can look beautiful but if you are rude towards people, you look 10X worse. When a woman is confident and loving her natural beauty shines.

Any advice for young women interested this career?
The top 3 things I advise for young women include the following:
1. Make a plan! This will include your goals and the journey to get to the destination. Your dream career will not happen overnight.
2. Do not be selfish but be selfless. Meaning do it for your customers/tribe not for yourself. The moment you start thinking only about yourself you lose the destination. You have a purpose and gift in this life share it with others.,
3. Never give up! There will be times you have to pass going to party to stay home and work on a business plan. There will be tears and smiles but I promise the smiles will always outweigh the tears.

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Connect with Christina on InstagramTwitter or Facebook. Got any questions or comments for her or want to share your own plans to be a beauty blogger? Sound off below. 

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