Handling Constructive Criticism – The Stop, Drop and Roll Method.

A few years ago, the ad agency where I work hired a female junior writer. I was thrilled, not just because I had someone to dump all my busy work on (though the appeal of that cannot be understated), but also because managing another writer was a new and unchartered territory for me. Amy was twenty-four and smart. A little reserved, … Read More

Insanity Workout – Fit Test

This summer, work seemed to take over my life and I slacked off my workouts big time. No, I never gave them up completely – otherwise we’d be talking about insanity of a whole different kind. But I did have far too many “something is better than nothing” weeks and I’m noticing too much lap under my laptop. Now I’m … Read More

An Awkward Sex Conversation We Need to Have

Masturbation is the perfect example of one of those awkward sex conversations I’d like to have with my niece Emmi, but I know her head would explode and I’d be picking brain matter of my hair for weeks. Growing up Catholic, all conversations about sex were awkward, which is probably why I called lady parts “maginas” till I was twelve. It’s … Read More

So You Wanna Be A … Beauty Blogger

I’m not the only auntie who wants to pass along some hard-earned knowledge and experience. Meet Christina, the blogger/makeup artist/stylist behind PinkLux, a community for everyone who loves fashion and beauty on a budget. I first spotted Christina at a See Jane Write event and thought, “If that girl’s not a beauty blogger, she should be.” She radiates confidence and natural beauty, something … Read More

Thirty Things I’m Loving Right Now.

A rare Sunday at home with my boyfriend and puppy dog. | 2. Crock-O’s, or pork carnitas made in the slow cooker. (pictured) | 3. Wednesday night dinners with my friend, Jonathan. | 4. Being See Jane Write’s member of the month. | 5. A new leather skirt I can’t wait to wear. | 6. My TRX suspension trainer. | … Read More

How to Choose a Credit Card – A Cautionary Tale.

Ah, credit cards. Financial death traps? Necessary evils? Smart money tools? Depends on how you use them. I, myself, have always been terrified of credit cards and that fear has served me well. My friend Erin got her first card in college and went crazy with it. I’m not talking furnishing her apartment, buying Louis Vuitton purses or spending the … Read More

5 Ingredients That Immediately Up Your Cooking Cred

Confession: the main reason I like to cook is because I like to eat. Yes, cooking is a creative outlet. It relaxes me. And it’s a way that I take care of the people I love. But let’s face it, I mainly like shoving food in my face. Whether you’re headed off to college in a year or two or … Read More

So You Wanna Be A … Neuroscientist

I’m not the only auntie who wants to share some hard-won experience with you. Meet my friend (and personal hero), Nicole D., a Postdoctoral Scholar doing research on traumatic brain injuries at the University of California San Francisco. She studied Neuroscience at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and has great advice for any young woman interested in a STEM career. … Read More

Using Your “Saturday Self” to Find a Workout You Love

For me, working out became a necessity in college, and not because of the Freshman 15. This was back in the day before everyone had cell phones and social media, and your life was ruled by a single flashing red button – the one that indicated you had a message on your answering machine. I was in a just-starting-to-turn-toxic relationship … Read More


Fact: how you start your day determines how the rest of it will play out. If you #wokeuplikethis: tearing out of your bed like air raid sirens are blaring, already running late, already feeling frazzled, the rest of your day will have that same frantic, chaotic quality leaving you exhausted and depleted by 10 a.m. Conversely, if you #wokeuplikethis: easing into … Read More