Think Again: Why Brain Training Beats a Digital Detox

Whenever I travel, I dream more. And my dreams are vivid – in color and feeling. I wake up with a smile. Yet, once back into the routine of my day-to-day life, the dreams fade and the smile is replaced by a grunted slap on the snooze button. Eventually, not only do I stop dreaming, I stop day-dreaming, I stop … Read More

So You Want To Be A … Librarian

I’m not the only auntie who wants to share some hard-earned experience with you. Meet Jessica, a librarian who loves her job. No, I mean, really loves her job. Her passion for what libraries can mean to a community makes me want to re-think all my career choices. And I love what she has to say about the relevance of … Read More

Insanity Workout Week 2: Shaun T’s Secret Career Advice

Despite the food coma I slipped into on Thanksgiving day, I’ve finished Insanity Workout Week 2 (Fit Test 2 results at the end), and am pleased to report that it’s getting a tiny bit easier. I can now make it through the warm up without stopping. During the intervals, I no longer hit the pause button every few seconds like … Read More

Flank Steak: The Delicious, Budget-friendly Beef

When David and I first started dating, I invited him over for steak tacos. This was way before he learned to trust me on all things food-related, so when he saw me slicing up a flank steak, he was skeptical. “If I’m going to have steak, I just want steak.” Eight tacos later, his heart was mine.  While steak may … Read More

Jessica Jones: Your Next Netflix Binge

(Spoiler-free!) Ready to spend the long holiday weekend binge watching Jessica Jones on Netflix? Trust me, way more satisfying that that third helping of sweet potatoes. Here are my spoiler-free thoughts on the show. Jessica Jones stars Veronica Mars-alum, Krysten Ritter as a super hero turned private eye in this dark and disturbing 13-episode series. It’s refreshing to see Ritter play … Read More

So You Want To Be A … Freelance Journalist

I’m not the only auntie who wants to share some hard-earned experience with you. Meet Clair, a freelance journalist who writes mostly about science, drinks, music, bartending and food. She’s got some great advice on how to get assignments, pay those pesky self-employment taxes and manage the stress of a feast-or-famine income. Tell us about your career path. What did you … Read More

How to Handle Destructive Criticism: The Stop, Look, Listen Method

Now that we’ve talked about how to take constructive criticism, we should probably look at the flipside: the kind of criticism that tears you down instead of builds you up. It can come from a boss, a teacher, a friend, significant other or even yourself. Since the good kind of criticism can sting almost as the badly as the bad … Read More

Insanity Workout: Week 1 Check In

Sweat, sore muscles and Stockholm Syndrome – that’s what my Insanity workouts are made of. Last week, when I slogged through the Insanity Fit Test, I knew I was in for a hard week, but I had forgotten that it would be so much harder every single day. When getting out of bed is a challenge, pushup jacks are an impossibility. Suffice … Read More

Baked Potato Perfection – See Why Skins Are In

People, please! Stop hollowing out your baked potatoes and tossing those yummy skins. When you get to college or out on your own, food can be scarce and money even scarcer. You’ll value every morsel on your plate. The humble baked potato is a filling, inexpensive meal-unto-itself. And though some will vilify white potatoes, they’re actually a good source of fiber, … Read More

So You Want To Be A … River Guide

I’m not the only auntie who wants to share some hard-won experience with you. Meet Becca, one of the first women guides on Western whitewater. She turned her fourteen seasons as an oarswoman on the Colorado and other rivers into a collection of essays about whitewater guiding, Reading Water: Lessons from the River, as well as a novel, Junction, Utah (2014 Willa Literary Award Winner for … Read More