I love makeup. Deal with it.

Today, my niece Emmi is joining the blog. Only her name is not really Emmi – it’s Morgan. (Morgan Elizabeth … M E – see what I did there?) I gave her that pseudonym to protect her privacy when she was under 18, but as she’s constantly reminding me, she’s not a little girl anymore. See for yourself as she shares her thoughts about her makeup and why she doesn’t care if you like it. 

So if you haven’t heard being a girl is actually tough. Now being a teenage girl is even tougher. I know adults are gonna see this and be like “Oh no, poor you, you didn’t get likes on your photo” but that’s not what I’m talking about. Case in point: I’ve fallen in love with wearing makeup, and kind of a lot, but apparently when you wear a lot of makeup, you’re either A.) a whore, or B.) trying to impress someone. Um, no on both counts. The more I experiment with makeup, the more I love it, but not everyone shares my enthusiasm. I’ve had mainly three different reactions to this change.

The Insta Karma Reaction:

I love makeup

I’ve heard, “Morgan, all you care about is Instagram likes and having the newest makeup,” and honestly, that’s fine that people think that. (Shameless self promo: follow me on instagram @morgann.tiddd) But, while Instagram likes are nice, that isn’t why I wear makeup (though when my makeup is bomb af I like to selfie). I love experimenting with colors, new products and techniques. Makeup lets me be creative and see myself in new ways. I’ll be doing a lot of that in college in a few weeks so this is like a head start.

The Haters Gonna Hate Reaction

I love makeup

The next reaction I heard was “So sad that after all these years you still hate yourself.” Now, this was the meanest reaction of them all but it didn’t bother me as much as it did confuse me. I’ll go ahead and tell you that I’m insulted for women everywhere who wear makeup. Since when did wearing makeup mean that you hate yourself? Believe me, I’ve gone through my fair share of self-esteem issues BUT for the past two years I’ve kind of gone on a self-discovery journey that has made me learn to love myself. Believe it or not, when I wasn’t as comfortable with myself, I didn’t wear much makeup or take many photos and I HATED getting my picture taken. I thought I wasn’t pretty enough to do makeup so I stopped. Only since I’ve been learning to love myself have I wanted to learn to do makeup. (Not a beauty guru by any means, I low-key still have lots to learn.) So, no, I don’t hate myself. I’m not hiding behind a mask – the occasional Snapchat filter, but not a mask. I’m just no longer trying to fade into the background.

The “Aw Hell No” Reaction

I love makeup

The last comment I’ll address was the most important one to me. I’d post a selfie on Snapchat or send a few snaps to people and several people would ask “Who are you trying to impress?” And this one, as a woman, did offend me. Why does wearing a lot or any makeup mean that I’m trying to impress anyone? This was super frustrating to me because women have come a long way, but in today’s society you can’t do anything without it being judged, critiqued, and given meaning from someone else’s perspective.

Maybe selfies are just that. Pictures of mySELF, from my OWN perspective, so I can see myself through my OWN lens. And I post them, not because I’m self-absorbed or have some agenda behind them but so that you can see that I like being a girl and doing girl things. And that this is MY life, and I’m making it up as I go.

Here’s a link to one of my favorite little clips that basically explains how I feel in 60 seconds. http://captioned-vines.tumblr.com/post/118111575919/swolizard-the-reason-some-girls-wear-make-up

What about you? Why do you wear make up? Or not? Do people ever hassle you about it?

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3 Comments on “I love makeup. Deal with it.”

  1. I feel EXACTLY the same way! People think I wear makeup all the time b/c I’m trying to look good (for someone), hate the way I look, or something else. I LOVE LOVE LOVE makeup and experimenting with it. I love buying new palettes and playing with them. Everyday I feel like my face is a blank canvas that I get to paint and create a beautiful masterpiece with whatever tools and colors I feel like that day. It’s so much fun!!! I hear you, Morgan! We are kindred spirits!! 🙂

  2. Yes Sherri!! It’s so good to know people share the same view! Makeup is art, and no one asks artists who they’re painting for! Thanks for the support

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