Love Lessons from My Exes

As part of our new mini series, Love Lesson from My Exes, we’re sharing what women of all ages have learned about love (and themselves) on the dating scene. Here are Luann’s love lessons so far.

One lesson that it’s taken me a lifetime to learn (I’m 52 years young) is that a relationship can only be a REAL thing if you are willing to be part of it. No matter how good or bad your partner is – if you aren’t willing to step off the sidelines and participate it’s a BIG FAT NOTHING and a waste of time for everyone involved. How many years did I waste with only one foot in? Too freakin’ many! What I enjoy now is the crazy, messy, frustrating, fascinating, intoxicating mess that is real love and all I can say is that it is worth it to really get in there and BE with another person. I would say I regret having taken so long to grow the hell up, but it was just my journey. And when I saw him – I knew he was my future – and no matter how it end up – I’m in. All in. And I’m happy.

More love lessons from the Aunt-bassadors:

Jealousy. First jealous boyfriend I had, I thought “oh, he’s just jealous cause he likes me so much.” Truth is, he liked himself and didn’t want to get hurt. Jealousy is insecurity. Trust is awesome and a hell of a lot more sexy. – Jenny A.

Both you and your partner nef to have opinions about what they want in your relationship. I dated a guy who never had an opinion about anything. Our first fight was our last. – Michelle G.

Oh god, so many. Don’t confuse drama for passion. It’s possible to be too similar to someone, and that may not be the person for you. Don’t settle for the status quo. Love isn’t enough. Respect, trust, and communication are mandatory. – Melissa S.

To quote Maya Angelou: Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option. True, so true. – Elizabeth N.

I learned that my feelings are not anyone else’s responsibility and vice versa. We can each only be true to ourselves. – Jessica F.

What about you? Got any love lessons you’d like to share in an upcoming post? DM us or sound off below. 

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