Love Lessons from My Exes

As part of our new mini series, Love Lesson from My Exes, we’re sharing what women of all ages have learned about love (and themselves) on the dating scene. MJ’s a personal trainer, Taekwondo Black Belt and all-around cool girl. Here are her love lessons so far.

  1. Long distance is not for me.
  2. The world will want you to abandon your own hopes and dreams to follow a boy around and support his hopes and dreams. The world will tell you this is being a good girlfriend. Do not believe this fairy tale of one-sided compromise.
  3. Don’t date sociopaths.
  4. Dating your best friend may not work out after all, no matter how much you like him.
  5. Don’t date stupid, no matter how cute he is.
  6. Pay attention to what the guy actually does, not just what he says he does. The two may not match up.
  7. There are good men out there. Be with one of them or be alone.
  8. Being alone is awesome in its own special way. Cherish your singleships as much as your relationships.

Got any hard learned Love Lessons you’d like to share? Send us an email or comment below. 

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  1. Watch how he treats the other important people in his life. The way he acts toward them is a preview of how he’s going to treat you.

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