Inspiring Women in the Wannabe Workshop

What do you want to be when you grow up? A neuroscientist? Illustrator? Entrepreneur? Or maybe you want to challenge yourself to run a marathon, adopt a vegan lifestyle or start a blog. The Wannabe Workshop on is filled with inspiring women who have great advice on all kinds of career paths and life choices. Here’s a round-up of five of my favorite interviews.

Dr. Nicole D.

Nicole D, Neuroscientist

Any young woman interested in a STEM career will definitely be inspired by Nicole’s passion for science, her curiosity, humor and sense of adventure. She had a very circuitous career path – and plenty of tattoos to show for it – proving you can forge your path at any point in life.

Favorite quote: Don’t ever listen to people who say, “Science isn’t for girls”. Science is a NATURAL career for women, and we can thrive in that environment. Follow your interests, your passions. Chase what makes you curious, what lights you up from the inside, and you’ll never go wrong.

So You Want To Be An Illustrator

Kristin Farmer, Illustrator

Through her company, Flair Koncepts, Kristin is finding her voice and making her mark – both as an artist and a young woman. As a mentor, she encourages other young women to overcome barriers while making a difference. Her illustrations are amazing, but it’s her drive that inspires me the most.

Favorite quote: I’ve already made it because I had the courage to start.

River Guide

Becca L, River Guide

Talk about inspiring women – Becca is the OG grande dame of the bunch. As one of the first women guides on Western whitewater, she turned her fourteen seasons as an oarswoman on the Colorado and other rivers into a collection of essays about whitewater guiding, Reading Water: Lessons from the River, as well as a novel, Junction, Utah (2014 Willa Literary Award Winner for Original Fiction.) She has a wicked sense of humor and zero tolerance for those who don’t use their success to help support others.  I love what she says about reading water and what it can teach us about ourselves.

Favorite quote: For me, river guiding was a way to return to a place year after year, know it in all its moods, and learn who I was in the process.

Distance Runner - Artney Walker


Artney W. Distance Runner/Blogger

This girl amazes me with all that she does. She runs all sorts of marathons, half marathons and races, plus publishes an awesome blog called My Pretty Brown Fit with great recipes and running tips. When she’s not inspiring major curl envy, she’s inspiring me in other ways – with her positive energy and determination.

Favorite quote: Distance running still has its challenges, but I don’t allow challenges to keep me from achieving my goals. I have proven to myself over and over again that I beyond capable and I can achieve ANYTHING!

Amy Leigh Strickland - Young Adult Author

Amy S., Young Adult Author

Amy Leigh Strickland’s first published novel, Olympia Heights: The Pantheon was released in July of 2011. Since then she’s published several sequels and other titles as well as launched her teaching career. She has some great advice for aspiring authors in any genre for getting started in a writing career and what it takes to publish and promote your books.

Favorite Quote: [Self-publishing isn’t] for everyone, but I’ve always been a very driven, organized, and DIY kind of girl.

Want to meet more inspiring women? Check out the Wannabe Workshop. Or if you know of some inspiring women you’d love to see featured, drop me a line at

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