Insanity Workout Week 8 – Finished!

Insanity Workout Week 8 is finished! I completed all 63 days!


Sweaty high fives all around!

And yes, you read that right, it’s 63 days, not 60. What’s up with that, Shaun T?

I finished this morning and already I miss my nightly sweat sessions with the Insanity crew. Below are the results of my last two fit tests and as you can see I’ve progressed so much in these last 63 days. Power jumps? Can do. Suicide jumps? Yes, please. Pushup jacks? Not a problem.

So was it worth it?

Absolutely. I loved every sweaty second of this program. I got great results, even though I didn’t lose weight on Insanity. However, I did make huge gains (the good kind) in other areas. All my clothes fit better and look better. I have a lot of energy, I can Power Jump and my aerobic endurance has vastly improved. I can now do 90-95% of each of the Max workouts and if you’d see me on Day One, you’d know this is no small thing. Really proud of that. I earned my T-shirt. (Hate that you have to send in “Before and After” pics to get it, but I’m still tempted.)

Now that Insanity Workout Week 8 complete, would I recommend the program?

Of course. But with a few recommendations.

Stick to the schedule: This program is way too hard to do in fits and starts. You’re building up to each new challenge and making progress each week. It’d be so demoralizing to lose the ground you’ve gained, not to mention hard on your body.

Tell your friends: It’s been wonderful to blog about my experience with Insanity. Not only has it kept me accountable, but also so many of you have reached out to me, via email or Twitter. I appreciate the encouragement more than you know. Having a support system is important so that you can stick to the schedule and stay motivated.

Don’t be discouraged by the scale: As I said, I didn’t lose any weight but I accept that it’s only one measure of success. The way your clothes fit, the amount of a workout you can do as opposed to standing around gasping for air, the definition in your abs – these all count more than an arbitrary number.

Don’t use Insanity as a license to eat: Even if the scale doesn’t move downward, you don’t want it edging up too much either. Yes, you’ll be putting on muscle but not ten pounds of it. Better fitting clothes, glowing skin and a sense of accomplishment can be your rewards for a tough workout – not an extra helping of dinner or a whole tub of ice cream. Get a pedi or a new pair of jeans to celebrate a milestone like finishing the first month or getting through Max Interval Plyo without collapsing. (Which I actually managed once.)

What about those Fit Test Results? (Insanity Workout Week 8 results are bolded)

Switch kicks: (110)
 (120) (130) (130) 135

Power Jacks: (35) (45) (51) (58) 60

Power Knees: (70) (90) (90) (100) 105

Power Jumps: (10)
 (20) (35) (41) 45

Globe Jumps: (8)
 (12) (13) 12

Suicide Jumps: (10)
 (15) (18) (20) 22

Push-up Jacks: (10)
 (20) (28) (35) 40

Low plank oblique: (25) (30) (35 ) (40) 40

So what’s next?

After I’m going back to my spin and TRX workouts for a while to give my joints a break. I’m up for another challenge though if anyone has any suggestions. Tone it Up? Daily Burn? Insanity: The Asylum anyone?

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