Insanity Workout Week 6 Check In

Warm up the defibrillators. Insanity Workout Week 6 means new workouts, same pain.

Remember, last week when I said I was a little bored with the Recovery week? That I missed being pushed to my knee-buckling, sweat-pouring limits?

I take it back.

No, no, not completely. But I’m still shocked to find that I love the challenge of these incredibly intense workouts. I’ve completely drunk the Kool-Aid, or Gatorade or Results and Recovery Formula on the whole concept of “digging deeper.” Because sometimes – not all the time, but sometimes – when you’re positive you can’t do even one more rep, then … miraculously … incredibly … you do… it’s a joy like no other. It’s definitely a lesson I’m going to apply to other aspects of my life, especially writing. Maybe even in my job. I am capable of more than I demand of myself. Who knew?

This same realization must strike my runner friends when they become so addicted to running. I still have no interest in running though. I don’t even like to jog my memory.

So here’s what you can expect from Insanity Workout Week 6. Yes, Christmas was in there but I saved my rest day for that.

Max Interval Circuit
For some reason, this is my favorite workout. Super challenging, but almost doable. Love the first move, the Pedal, which is a sprint with 4 switch lunges. I drip sweat but don’t feel like I will need CPR when I’m finished. Very sore the next day though, especially in my quads, calves and glutes.

Max Interval Plyo

Incredibly hard. Especially when you’re already sore from Max Interval Circuit. Let’s face it, all these workouts are plyo, but seeing it in the name on the DVD for some reason intimidates the hell out of me. The first time I did this workout, I completely fell apart. There were long periods of walking around, winded and discouraged. Any calls to “Dig Deeper” were met with a snarl of “Shut it, Shaun T.” The second time I did it, I fared better, but not much. This workout may be my Waterloo.

Max Cardio Conditioning

Forget the circuits. This is one intense exercise right after another, with only active rests (you move a little slower, but don’t stop.) It’s billed as extreme cardio and lives up to its name. Lots of jumping, lots of plyo, lots of panting. But it’s only 45 minutes, right? Wrong. It’s time for Cardio abs.

Cardio Abs

I haven’t had to do Cardio Abs with Max Cardio Conditioning yet, but I already know I’m going to hate it. Shaun T pulled this stunt in month one as well. You finish a brutal workout, stretch, cool down, then, what the hell? You have to start jumping around again in Cardio abs? What kind of dirty, lowdown trick is that, Shaun T? Not looking forward to this one.

So that’s what I’ll be dealing with during Month 2. I have only three more weeks to go – can you believe it?

What about you? How do you manage workouts around the holidays? Are you starting or finishing Insanity Workout Week 6 or some other intense workout? I’d love to hear about it. (Especially if you’ve done P90X, which might be next.)

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