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This summer, work seemed to take over my life and I slacked off my workouts big time. No, I never gave them up completely – otherwise we’d be talking about insanity of a whole different kind. But I did have far too many “something is better than nothing” weeks and I’m noticing too much lap under my laptop.

Now I’m determined to really challenge myself. To leave my comfort zone in the rear view mirror and “dig deeper.” That’s where Shaun T and his Insanity workouts come in.

You’ve seen the Insanity infomercials, right? This ripped, sweaty man screaming at a bunch of already-fit workout fanatics. Everyone drenched in sweat and begging for more. Now go to YouTube and watch real people attempt it in their living rooms. Humbling. And just what I need.

I’ve been through the program once before and know what I’m in for. Like I tell my niece Emmi, the challenge is what makes it good. Easy workouts are good and necessary – but really tough sweat sessions motive me like nothing else. Maybe I’m just stubborn like that.

That being said, today was Day One, the Fit Test, and it nearly killed me. No wonder there are pages and pages on Ebay of “Like New” and “Barely Used” copies of the DVDs. I’ll lift weights all day long, but intense cardio brings me to my knees. And this was just the baseline fit test. God help me.

But I’m taking Shaun T’s Insanity Workout challenge – 60 days or die trying. (If today was any indication, that’s a distinct possibility.)

Here are my first Fit Test Results:

1 minute of each, rest for 1 minute.

Switch kicks: 110
Power Jacks: 35
Power Knees: 70
Power Jumps: 15
Globe Jumps: 10
Suicide Jumps: 10
Push-up Jacks: 10
Low plank oblique: 25

I started strong, but couldn’t recover quickly enough to stay strong in each successive exercise. Full disclosure, I’m not sure I was really doing the push-up jacks. They were more push-at jacks.

Check back for my weekly progress reports and then in 60 days I’ll take the Fit Test again.

From Auntie Venom’s Eighties Audio Files:

Have you done the Insanity Workout or any other workout challenge? I’d love to hear about your experience. And if you’d like to work out along with me, that’d be awesome. Friendsanity, anyone?

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