Insanity Fast and Furious

Right now I’m preparing for a weeklong TV shoot out of town, so work is providing the real insanity in my life. But Shaun T, I can’t quit you completely. I just need to supplement my Insanity Workouts with a superfast sweat session that helps me maintain my ability to do Power Jumps without passing out. Insanity Fast and Furious definitely fits the bill.

This workout is so hard, even Shaun T can’t do it.

I kid you not. There’s a part, during a minute of Power Jumps where Shaun T is doubled over gasping for either Martin or Anna to jump. “Nobody’s jumping,” he wheezes and cranks out a few more. But just a few. Soon he’s back to the doubled over fugue state that I know all too well. “Somebody go!” he pleads, but nobody can.

Welcome to my world, Shaun T.

Insanity Fast and Furious is 22 minutes long, and will have you sweating during the warm up with moves like frog squats and plank squats. There’s a quick stretch, then about ten minute of plyo. Doesn’t sound like much but trust me, it’s a killer.

The first move is full body drill: high knees, low sprints, floor sprints and 4 moving pushups. This is followed by power knees and diamond jumps, an exercise that marks the beginning of Martin’s downward spiral into insanity. And I don’t mean the workout kind. Homeboy has the abs but not the motivation. Check him out.

After power knees and diamond jumps, there’s one minute of four ski abs, four in-and-outs and four oblique pushups, followed by a minute of high knee obliques. Despite his crazy Joker smile, Martin’s rests are getting longer and longer.

Next up: Burpees with 2 pushup jacks. By now, I’m dying and so is everyone else. “Know your limits” says the type on the screen. Martin does, but it’s Anna who gets called out. “Anna, you’re going too slow!” shouts Shaun T.

“Um, Martin’s not going at all,” she must be thinking.

“I ain’t call you here for fun. I called you here to motivate and work, so come on!” rages Shaun T.

This is clearly news to Martin, though his crazy grin never dims.

Anna cranks out a respectable number of Power Jumps and Shaun T manages an unbelievable 42. Martin might as well be doing Double Dutch on a playground. No one’s jumping when the clock winds down. It’s just too hard.

Football runs and low plank? Nobody’s feeling it. Shaun T finally concedes that Anna is working hard. Hell yeah, she is.

Martin gets called out for sneaking off set to call his agent during the plank punches.

The last move is 100-meter dash sprints.

“Are you trying to kill us?” Anna gasps when it’s over.

“My goal is not to kill you. My goal is for you to kill yourself.” Definitely not Shaun T’s most motivating line.

“Well, I definitely feel that,” Martin grins. Shut up, Martin.

Shaun T then waxes philosophical for a minute about how everyone says they hate him but they love him (guilty), but that we should take the hate out and love him and ourselves.

Martin seems to have no problem with this.

There’s a quick stretch then we’re done.

Despite all Shaun T’s grumpiness (the furious in the Insanity Fast and Furious), I still love this workout. It’s a blitzkrieg for those busy days, which is something everyone needs.

In other words, I’m smiling because l LOVE it!

How about you? Doing any killer workouts you’d love to share? Ever tried Insanity Fast and Furious? I’ll be back with an Insanity Workout checkin next week. 

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