So You Want To Be A … Music Therapist

I’m a big fan of therapy. And as someone who survived her teen years with The Cure playing non-stop on her Walkman, I can attest to the therapeutic powers of music. But I’ve never really understood how a music therapist works with her clients until my friend Jessica explained her job to me. Whereas I used to think music could help you express your feelings … Read More

Inspiring Women in the Wannabe Workshop

What do you want to be when you grow up? A neuroscientist? Illustrator? Entrepreneur? Or maybe you want to challenge yourself to run a marathon, adopt a vegan lifestyle or start a blog. The Wannabe Workshop on is filled with inspiring women who have great advice on all kinds of career paths and life choices. Here’s a round-up of five of my favorite interviews. … Read More

So You Want To Be A … Vegan

I want my friend Heather to describe all my meals to me. Listening to her rhapsodize about sweet summer produce and fragrant herbs would surely inspire me to eat better and maybe even embrace life without bacon. But delicious foods are only one of Heather’s reasons for going vegan. She does it for her health, to minimize her impact on the environment and because … Read More

So You Want To Be A … Wildlife Curator

With some job, you have to claw your way to the top. When you’re a wildlife curator, though, your job often claws back. Meet my friend, Chivon, the Wildlife Curator for Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve here in Birmingham, Alabama. Chivon’s worked with livestock and zoo animals and now gets up close and personal with snakes, owls and all sorts of creepy crawly things that inhabit this gorgeous, … Read More

So You Want To Be An … Entrepreneur

I did a commercial last year that included the statistic, “67% of Millennials want to one day own their own business.” And why not? Today’s aspiring entrepreneur has several key factors working in their favor. Thanks to a recovering economy, social media and digital platforms, combined with our sharing economy, tech-savvy startups are disrupting entire industries. (Looking at you, Uber.) … Read More

So You Want To Be An … Account Exec

Some of the best career advice I’ve ever gotten: “Be someone who raises the company IQ”  The giver of this advice, the Executive Creative Director of the second advertising agency I’d ever worked for, pushed me harder than I’d ever been pushed. In a good way. (Not like this guy.) He taught me to think beyond the assignment and look at the bigger picture. … Read More

So You Want To Be A … Distance Runner

I’ve never, ever been a fan of running. At all. I don’t even like to jog my memory. But when I overheard this gorgeous girl at a See Jane Write blogger event describing the Disney race she’d just run, I was intrigued. Her enthusiasm was contagious. Her calves were rock hard. And when I checked out her blog, My Pretty Brown Fit, I knew … Read More

So You Want to be … a Young Adult Author

I’m not the only auntie who wants to share some hard-earned experience with you. Meet Amy Leigh Strickland, a writer and teacher from Townsend, Massachusetts. Amy has a BFA in Performing Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design and an M.Ed. in secondary education from the University of Montevallo. She currently lives outside Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, Kyle and their rescued … Read More

So You Want to Be … An Illustrator

I’m not the only auntie who wants to share some hard-earned career advice. Meet Kristin, an illustrator who is combining her passions for art and service into a satisfying career. At her day job and with her freelance projects through her company, Flair Koncepts, Kristin is finding her voice and making her mark – both as an artist and a young … Read More

So You Want To Be A … Librarian

I’m not the only auntie who wants to share some hard-earned experience with you. Meet Jessica, a librarian who loves her job. No, I mean, really loves her job. Her passion for what libraries can mean to a community makes me want to re-think all my career choices. And I love what she has to say about the relevance of … Read More