LinkedIn tips: 5 ways to use your network to get work

If you could focus on one aspect of your professional life in the new year, I would say, build your professional network. And I have some smart LinkedIn tips to help you do just that. Less than twenty years ago, the word “network” was more a verb than a noun. It meant to actively seek out connections within your areas … Read More

Fired but fabulous – 7 lessons from the unemployment line

“Aren’t you glad you got fired?” my friend Jenny asked as our tuk tuk pulled up in front of Angkor Wat, a sprawling temple complex in Northern Cambodia. The view of the intricately carved monuments was breathtaking, yet I felt I was getting air in my lungs for the first time in months. I was halfway around the world with … Read More

Insanity Workout Week 2: Shaun T’s Secret Career Advice

Despite the food coma I slipped into on Thanksgiving day, I’ve finished Insanity Workout Week 2 (Fit Test 2 results at the end), and am pleased to report that it’s getting a tiny bit easier. I can now make it through the warm up without stopping. During the intervals, I no longer hit the pause button every few seconds like … Read More

How to Handle Destructive Criticism: The Stop, Look, Listen Method

Now that we’ve talked about how to take constructive criticism, we should probably look at the flipside: the kind of criticism that tears you down instead of builds you up. It can come from a boss, a teacher, a friend, significant other or even yourself. Since the good kind of criticism can sting almost as the badly as the bad … Read More

Handling Constructive Criticism – The Stop, Drop and Roll Method.

A few years ago, the ad agency where I work hired a female junior writer. I was thrilled, not just because I had someone to dump all my busy work on (though the appeal of that cannot be understated), but also because managing another writer was a new and unchartered territory for me. Amy was twenty-four and smart. A little reserved, … Read More

How to Choose a Credit Card – A Cautionary Tale.

Ah, credit cards. Financial death traps? Necessary evils? Smart money tools? Depends on how you use them. I, myself, have always been terrified of credit cards and that fear has served me well. My friend Erin got her first card in college and went crazy with it. I’m not talking furnishing her apartment, buying Louis Vuitton purses or spending the … Read More

Fun Money – 5 Simple Money Habits to Commit To Today

When I was growing up, my parents were pretty frank about money. Specifically that we didn’t have much of it. Every once in a while they’d tell my sister and me that it was a bad month and we’d really have to be careful. “No dinners out, no movie rentals. Don’t ask for anything,” my mother would warn. Her fear … Read More

Public Speaking Sucks. Period. (5 ways to make it suck less.)

Today I was told I have to give two presentations for work. One tomorrow. The other at the end of the month. Public speaking, my favorite. Already, the cups of my bra runneth over with stress sweat. That’s what happens to me when I get nervous: sweat ‘stache, pit stains and boob sweat. Hot mess, party of one? This girl right … Read More