Comfy work clothes that won’t make you a business casualty

I have a secret. As much as I like to look pulled together and polished at work, I have to be comfortable. As in, flannel pajama comfortable. I fight a constant battle between my desire to lean in and lounge around. Yes, there are days when I have to slip into my sharpest pencil skirt and high heels, but for the most part I … Read More

New York: Gossip Girls Trip on a Broad City Budget

Want to experience New York on a budget? My friend Jonathan and I just got back. It was his first time in the city and I wanted to make sure he had a great time without blowing our budgets. My first airplane trip ever was a solo trip to New York (where did I ever get the courage?), so this … Read More

Imposter Syndrome – secret shame or secret weapon?

I’ve had imposter syndrome pretty much my whole career. My disguise at this point is quite convincing: 40-something Creative Director writing ad copy or directing commercial shoots in a short skirt and sensible shoes. I work hard to make it look easy, to speak with authority and project confidence so that no one suspects I’m sometimes quaking in my booties. I … Read More

Working with your Gen X boss – 3 ways to manage up

Chances are your boss is a generation older, likely from Generation X. This generation of Reality Bites has gone from slacker cynics on the proverbial couch to leading teams in open-plan offices. And like each generation before (Boomers) and after (Millennials), they have their own style and their own way of doing things. And if you’re a Millennial or Generation Z, … Read More

5 Genius Ways to Save Money TODAY!

We’ve all been there. Lounging in bed with your bestie, bathed in a warm glow, when the first stirrings of remorse begin to overwhelm you. “Damn it! What was I thinking?” Yep, you’ve blown your budget before your feet have even hit the floor. That’s how easy we’ve made shopping these days: You sleep with your best friend –your phone … Read More

Movies to Inspire Your Inner #Girlboss

If your idea of being a #girlboss was inspired by coat-tossing, back-stabbing Miranda Priestly or the bending and snapping Elle Woods, it’s time to expand your horizons. There are so many nuances to female leaders, from the challenges we face (only 10.6% of all employer firms are women-owned) to the equalities we’re constantly fighting for (gender pay gap, anyone?), ain’t nobody … Read More

Speak so that people listen

Despite my introverted nature, not to mention fear and loathing of public speaking, I’ve always enjoyed joining the discussion in classes or meetings. In my writing workshops in college, I first learned how to speak so that people listen by deconstructing novels and critiquing my fellow writers’ works. My passion for writing allowed me to speak confidently in a way I never could … Read More

Collect experiences not things

Over the holidays, I did my annual Purge: cleaning out my drawers and closets so that life’s a little less cluttered. It reminds me that I’m still a work in progress when it comes to this important life lesson: collect experiences, not things. Because ultimately how you spend your money, is how you spend your life. My friend Jennifer’s parents … Read More

The Work Uniform – Why You Need One NOW

Work uniform? Having spent eight years in Catholic school, I bristle at the notion of any type of uniform. And yet I wear one to work most days. No, my office hasn’t adopted the silver space onesies you see in old sci-fi movies. (Though we totally should.) I just like having a go-to outfit that takes the drama out of … Read More

Financial Checkup – 9 money questions to ask yourself

Every year around this time, our social media channels get clogged with two types of posts: “resolutions I’m making for the new year and why you should too” or “why I don’t make resolutions and why you shouldn’t either.” We get pretty bossy online, don’t we? That’s why I didn’t sit down to write a post about financial resolutions, even … Read More