Travel Books to Feed Your Outdoor Soul

Ten years ago, I traded in my heels for hiking boots and became an outdoors person. It was a ‘when in Rome’ adaptation when I moved from Boston to Spokane, Washington, a little city in the Inland Northwest that borders Idaho. Spokane’s city motto is “near nature, near perfect”. To have any sort of social life, I needed to kayak or … Read More

Think Again: Why Brain Training Beats a Digital Detox

Whenever I travel, I dream more. And my dreams are vivid – in color and feeling. I wake up with a smile. Yet, once back into the routine of my day-to-day life, the dreams fade and the smile is replaced by a grunted slap on the snooze button. Eventually, not only do I stop dreaming, I stop day-dreaming, I stop … Read More

Jessica Jones: Your Next Netflix Binge

(Spoiler-free!) Ready to spend the long holiday weekend binge watching Jessica Jones on Netflix? Trust me, way more satisfying that that third helping of sweet potatoes. Here are my spoiler-free thoughts on the show. Jessica Jones stars Veronica Mars-alum, Krysten Ritter as a super hero turned private eye in this dark and disturbing 13-episode series. It’s refreshing to see Ritter play … Read More

Thirty Things I’m Loving Right Now.

A rare Sunday at home with my boyfriend and puppy dog. | 2. Crock-O’s, or pork carnitas made in the slow cooker. (pictured) | 3. Wednesday night dinners with my friend, Jonathan. | 4. Being See Jane Write’s member of the month. | 5. A new leather skirt I can’t wait to wear. | 6. My TRX suspension trainer. | … Read More


Fact: how you start your day determines how the rest of it will play out. If you #wokeuplikethis: tearing out of your bed like air raid sirens are blaring, already running late, already feeling frazzled, the rest of your day will have that same frantic, chaotic quality leaving you exhausted and depleted by 10 a.m. Conversely, if you #wokeuplikethis: easing into … Read More

The Friend Detox

My niece Emmi is going through one of those painful rites of passage that make growing up so hard – breaking up with a close friend. I tell her this might just be a temporary break, but she feels like it’s bigger than a time out. More like an over and out. The first time that happened to me, I … Read More

You, and You Alone – 5 Ways to Be Alone Without Being Lonely

When I was a senior in high school, my dad’s job took our family from Mobile to Montgomery. Thankfully, I was allowed to stay behind and graduate with my class before moving to a new city for the summer. Yeah, that summer. That one after your senior year, when new grads try to squeeze in every possible second of togetherness … Read More

Hi, there!

This blog’s been swirling around in my head for a year now, since my niece Emmi broke up with her first serious boyfriend right before Christmas and her sixteenth birthday. Both passed in a blur of Veronica Mars reruns, crumpled tissues and late-night talks about how hard it is for a sensitive soul to survive in an often insensitive world. … Read More