Standing Desk Diaries: Why I Gave Up Sitting Down

Sitting is the new smoking – you’ve heard that right? Those claims may be a little exaggerated, but there’s no doubt that we are far too sedentary for our own good. A study by the British Psychological Society found people spend an average of 5 hours and 41 minutes per day sitting at their desk – and that doesn’t even include our … Read More

So You Want To Be A … Vegan

I want my friend Heather to describe all my meals to me. Listening to her rhapsodize about sweet summer produce and fragrant herbs would surely inspire me to eat better and maybe even embrace life without bacon. But delicious foods are only one of Heather’s reasons for going vegan. She does it for her health, to minimize her impact on the environment and because … Read More

Summer Rolls with Spicy Peanut Sauce

The most important piece of cooking advice I have for my niece Emmi: master a few simple techniques for adaptable dishes you can serve up dozens of different ways. I’ve already showed how this suggestion works with baked potatoes, flank steak, pork tenderloin and roasted chicken. Now, I’m going to show you how versatile Vietnamese-inspired summer rolls can be. While spring rolls and egg rolls … Read More

Roasted Chicken in a Cast Iron Skillet

Sunday supper is a tradition my family holds dear. Sure, when I was a bratty teenager, I might’ve resented mandatory attendance when all my friends were flirting with boys and skin cancer by the rec center pool. But now that I’m older, I have a more adult (and gluttonous) appreciation for the care and love that goes into a home-cooked … Read More

Thai Spicy Beef Salad – Your new go-to dinner

Remember how we talked about the versatility of flank steak? Time to put it to the test. Thai Spicy Beef Salad is one of my favorite go-to weeknight dinners. It’s filling, easy-to-prepare and always gets rave reviews. I took a couple of Thai cooking classes when I was in Bangkok and this is one dish I regretted not learning to make. When I tried to … Read More

The Key to Workout Consistency

When it comes to books and boys, I’m a stage-five clinger. You have to pry both out of my sweaty little fists. With my workouts, though, I’m more of the love ’em and leave ’em type. Which, surprisingly enough, actually works in my favor when it comes to sticking with my workouts. And not because switching up my routine keeps me from getting bored (though it definitely … Read More

Insanity Workout Week 8 – Finished!

Insanity Workout Week 8 is finished! I completed all 63 days! via GIPHY Sweaty high fives all around! And yes, you read that right, it’s 63 days, not 60. What’s up with that, Shaun T? I finished this morning and already I miss my nightly sweat sessions with the Insanity crew. Below are the results of my last two fit tests … Read More

Ahi Tuna Two Ways (Plus 2 Sublime Sauces)

For a girl who grew up on the Gulf Coast, I put off learning to cook fish way too long. My mom never liked any seafood beyond Red Lobster’s popcorn shrimp, so the only “recipes” I knew were handed down from Mrs. Paul’s. That all changed when I started cooking for myself. I began dabbling in white fish (tilapia, grouper and … Read More

If I wrote Oprah’s Weight Watchers ad

“What about diet pills?’ “Do juice cleanses work?” * Silently sobs in the H&M dressing room * My niece Emmi has come to me several times throughout her young life asking for advice on how to lose weight. Not going to lie: these conversations strike fear in my heart. I’ve struggled with body acceptance my whole life, having watched my … Read More

Insanity Workout Week 7 Check In

Can you believe I only have a week and a half left of this craziness? After today’s Max Cardio Conditioning and Cardio Abs, I only have 8 real Insanity workouts left, not counting rest days, the last Fit Test and Max Recovery. Wow. I’m so proud of myself for sticking with it, even during the holiday craziness, even when I … Read More