Baked Potato Perfection – See Why Skins Are In

People, please! Stop hollowing out your baked potatoes and tossing those yummy skins. When you get to college or out on your own, food can be scarce and money even scarcer. You’ll value every morsel on your plate.

The humble baked potato is a filling, inexpensive meal-unto-itself. And though some will vilify white potatoes, they’re actually a good source of fiber, potassium and vitamin C. The skin adds an extra gram of protein, another 3 grams of carbohydrates, plus a hefty dose of iron and potassium. For just 15 extra calories.

My niece Emmi wasn’t sold on potato skins till she tried mine. Now she just says no to naked potatoes. And you should too.

To make the perfect baked potato:

Pre-heat your oven to 400.

Scrub your potatoes to remove dirt, pat dry, and prick with a fork in several places.Baked Potato 2

Drizzle a tablespoon of olive oil on the skin. The added fat helps slow the absorption of the potato’s carbs. And makes it crunchy and delicious.

Sprinkle with kosher salt. Yes, Kosher. It makes a huge difference. Rub that in.

Put the potato directly on your oven rack so the heat can circulate around it – no foil, no pan, no clean up. Love it.

Bake for one hour. Or a little less or a little longer. Potatoes are very forgiving. The skin will be crunchy, the insides soft and creamy. Absolutely perfect.

Green Giant SteamersNow top your perfectly baked potato any way you like. I like to use plain, non-fat greek yogurt instead of sour cream for a little extra protein. Chives are a must. Maybe add some shredded cheddar.

But why stop there?

How about some broccoli with that shredded cheddar? Those Green Giant Steamers Broccoli & Cheese  Sauce make this a cinch.Or shredded pork and barbecue sauce. Taco filling? So many options.

BTW this cooking method also works for sweet potatoes, Sweet Potatobut I don’t love the skin as  much. I just wash them, put them in the oven on the rack for 45 minutes to an hour depending on the size. They come out so sweet and delicious, you don’t even need butter, just a sprinkle of cinnamon. (Though a little maple syrup isn’t bad either.) Oh and though it sounds weird, spicy chili on a sweet potato is next level. Try it.

How about you? Pro potato skin? What’s your favorite baked potato topper?

From Auntie Venom’s 80’s Audio Files:

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    1. Cottage cheese sounds yummy. And I’ll eat red pepper flakes on pretty much anything. I’ll have to give that a try!

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