Auntie Venom’s Most Popular Posts in 2016


By: Stephanie

It was a great first year for Auntie Venom blog and Morgan and I thank you for your support. We were still finding our footing for the first few months (and I was calling Morgan Emmi before she became a full time collaborator) but we got into a groove and now have a clear vision for 2017. We also have a brand new advisory board called the Aunt-bassadors, 40+ women of all ages who will share their unique perspectives on topics like career, health, body positivity, college, money, feminism, relationships and adventure. We’re excited about what’s ahead but before we end the year, let’s look back on Auntie Venom’s most popular posts for 2016.

Thai Spicy Beef Salad – Your new go-to dinner

Thai Spicy Beef SaladFar and away the most popular post on the blog. This recipe is easy, delicious and healthy. I love the idea that so many people around the freaking world, (Kon’nichiwa, Japan!) are making a recipe I’ve loved for years. Or at least pinning it to their Pinterest boards.

If I wrote Oprah’s Weight Watchers ad

Oprah's Weight Watchers ad

Maybe I was presumptuous to weigh in on Ms. Winfrey’s Weight Watchers ad, but I just wasn’t a fan. Still love her though.

Young Ladies of the SEC, There’s No Shame in Our Game

Young Ladies of the SEC

Speaking of fans, Morgan did NOT appreciate the shaming SEC girls got for outfits deemed to revealing for game day.

So You Want to Be a Vegan

So you want to be a vegan

Cashew cheese? Heather makes it sound so good we all wanted to give it a try. Well, maybe just a meatless Monday to start. Baby steps.

So You Want To Be A Distance Runner

Distance Runner - Artney Walker

The blog also got lots of mileage out of Artney’s post about the joys of distance running. Even I was tempted to lace up for a few laps.

5 Lip Colors to Complement Your Resting Bitch Face

Lip Color

One of my favorite posts and a hit with my grumpy faced sisters out there. Ready to put some wow in your scowl?

Standing Desk Diaries: Why I Gave Up Sitting Down

standing desk 3

Sitting is the new smoking, right? I took a stand for better health and then wrote all about it.

Screw social anxiety – Be the life of the party from the safety of your sofa

Screw Social Anxiety


I offered up a light-hearted look at how I balance my desire to be social with my sometimes debilitating social anxiety.

Living with anxiety: a work in progress

Living with Anxiety

Morgan opens up about her struggle with the more serious side of anxiety: generalized anxiety disorder.

I love makeup. Deal with it.

I love makeup

Never come between a girl and her mascara. Morgan shares what makeup means to her. And why she doesn’t care if you like it or not.

There you have it: Auntie Venon’s most popular posts. The top ten! We’ll back on a more regular posting schedule in 2017 and experimenting with some new content. Can’t wait to share it with you!

Have a happy and safe New Year!

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