Au Revoir Freshman Year – 13 things I learned

My freshman year in college is over and done with! Time literally flew by, my friends and I cannot believe it’s already over. It seems like just yesterday I was hustling around, trying to find all my classes and worrying about making friends! This first year taught me so many things that I’d thought I’d share!

  1. Be yourself because literally no one cares

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College is not like high school. No one cares about what group you belong to or who your friends are so just be yourself. Make real friends that like you for you! Kind of cheesy I know, but worth it in the end.

  1. It can be lonely at first  sad alone spongebob lonely spongebob squarepants GIF

Unless you’re one of the few with three or more besties going to the same school as you, your freshman year can get a little lonely. The only person I knew going into college was my roommate. So, when we weren’t hanging out it felt kind of lonely but I forced myself to get out of my comfort zone little by little. Like most people I made more friends and so will you!

  1. Home cooked meals really are a luxury

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I honestly didn’t know how much I was taking home cooked meals for granted until I had to have dining hall food almost every night for the better part of a year. Coming home for the holidays and rare weekends to have home cooked meals felt like a guilty pleasure! I will never again undervalue the importance of a home cooked meal.

  1. The freshman 15 is a thing!

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Luckily I managed to avoid this by being careful and cooling it on the snacking, but it happens to the best of us. Don’t be discouraged if it happens to you because it is a thing! Also a thing? The gym!

  1. I have too many clothes…but still not enough

 When it comes to cramming my wardrobe in my very tiny dorm closet, that’s a big nope. However, no matter how many clothes I have I can still never find the right thing to wear for my night out.

  1. I learned that the first person you meet at orientation will not always be your life long bestie

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The first girl that talked to me at orientation? I clung to her like fur on black clothes. She was super nice and we carried our friendship out for maybe a week or two and now we don’t talk anymore. I never see her, and that’s okay. I’m pretty sure the only thing we had in common is we both looked like a deer in headlights at orientation.

  1. Walking into class looking like you just rolled out of bed is completely normal

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Sometimes it’s even enforced when you have those pesky 8 am’s. Trust me, you won’t be the only one!

  1. It’s possible to have a social life and maintain your grades…very carefully

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Finding the perfect balance between studying and partying can be difficult but once you find that happy medium, you’re golden!

  1. Sleep is important…duh! night mrw tired sleep sleepy GIF

I mean you already knew that, but seriously though, if you have all 8 am’s, maybe find some time to take a quick nap. Between school and your social life you need to make time for your beauty rest!

  1. Pick and choose your academic battles

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This one is important because as I’m sure you know, most professors do not care if you pass or fail. So pick and choose your academic battles. If you have substantial evidence that proves you deserve an A or even a B over that C minus he gave you, then go for it, because that might show your professor you really care about your grades. However, if you get greedy and decide to argue that the 85 you got should have been a 90, unless it’s a math error in grading, they aren’t likely to budge, and you’ll for sure be on their radar after that.

  1. Group-Me will literally save your life especially in a hard class

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All I have to say is shout out to whoever starts the group me so we can all share answers to homework and take home tests to the class that’s kicking our asses!

  1. The boy you hooked up with at that party probably won’t be, and probably shouldn’t be, your next bf

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Let’s face it, most of us have been there. Go to a party, have a little too much to drink, and hook up with a cute boy. The chances of him remembering your name or calling you the next day are very slim. Hey girl, you do you, just don’t get attached to every boy you do.

  1. Have fun!

College – especially your freshman year – is all about new experiences! Enjoy this newfound freedom, kick ass in school, and have a great time!!

What about you? Looking forward to – or back on – your freshman year? Tell me everything. 

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