5 Genius Ways to Save Money TODAY!

We’ve all been there. Lounging in bed with your bestie, bathed in a warm glow, when the first stirrings of remorse begin to overwhelm you.

“Damn it! What was I thinking?”

Yep, you’ve blown your budget before your feet have even hit the floor.

That’s how easy we’ve made shopping these days: You sleep with your best friend –your phone or tablet. Its warm glow illuminates a special offer that was sent directly to you. Your credit card and shipping information are stored on your favorite shopping site. You hit purchase before you even put your contacts in.

And you’re left praying you can wash away your remorse with the toner you got in your last Sephora haul.

Before you break the bank completely, check out these five genius ways to save you can start today:

Unfriend your Pay Pal

This is one time laziness might work in your favor. The hassle of digging your credit card out of your purse, typing in the number, filling in shipping info, adding in a promo code – exhausting, right? In a “first world problem” kind of way. Pay Pal and auto filling your credit card and shipping info make shopping a non-brainer. And a budget buster. Just don’t.

Don’t feed the cookie monster


Browse a shopping site in the morning and by the afternoon that same site is serving up a plateful of cookies to remind you of all the cute shoes you were lusting over. Delete cookies from your browser on the regular to avoid temptation. Of all the genius ways to save, this might just be the easiest.

Stop spaving

Spending to save, or spaving, happens when you give into those offers that make you think you’re getting a great deal on things you weren’t planning to buy … till you saw what a great deal you were getting. So say you went to Sephora for a $20 toner, and saw that if you bought that toner as part of a $50 gift set ($100 value), you may think you saved $50. Actually you spent $30 more than you intended. Or say you fell in love with the Kate Spade bag pictured above and thought why not, it’s on sale. Spaving!

Fix your fixed costs

Evaluate all fixed costs – subscription services, phone, auto insurance – can you save on any of them? Do you really need Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and cable? Remember, if you get your hair cut and colored every six weeks or have a prescription for Retin-A you refill regularly, these are de facto fixed costs too. Decide where you can save and where the splurge is necessary.

Don’t pay the pink tax

Want to stock up on sexism? You’re in luck. It’s everywhere. In the drugstore, your pink razors cost more than his grey ones. Your medicine for menstrual symptoms costs more than extra strength headache medicine, even though both contain the same ingredients in the same quantities. It’s called the Pink Tax and it can cost you big time. Remember when Old Navy got  caught charging more for women’s plus size clothing and not men’s? Pink Tax. Look for items you can borrow from the boys. You’ll save some money and send a message to retailers that you won’t pay for pink.

Got any other genius ways to save? Share in the comments.

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