Auntie Heroes: This week’s roundup of fierce, fearless women

Women who defy conventions, shake up the status quo and succeed on their own terms? We call them Auntie Heroes and here are some standouts for this week. Katherine Johnson, STEMinist Dream Girl:   Katherine Johnson’s career as a human computer – really, that’s what they called her – literally changed the trajectory of the 1962 Space Race. She was … Read More

Love Lessons From My Exes

For being only nineteen I’ve lived through some intense relationships and learned some valuable love lessons from my exes.  I would feel selfish not sharing what I’ve learned with others because not everyone has experienced what I have at such a young age. Having so much experience is bittersweet, when I think about it, because I don’t want to be jaded about love. I want to … Read More

The F*ck It List: Toxic beliefs and behaviors to lose in 2017

Not going to lie: 2016 was tough. Everyone seemed to be limping toward the finish line and many of us were furiously setting goals for a happier, more productive 2017. But instead of focusing only on the things we want to accomplish in the new year, Morgan and I decided to identify some beliefs and behaviors we wanted to leave … Read More