5 Lip Colors to Complement Your Resting Bitch Face

I love lipstick. If I could only take one cosmetic item to a desert island, it’d probably be lipstick. With sunglasses and a bold lip, you can look pulled together in any kind of survival situation. Also you can use it as blush. But the real value of a good lip color is its ability to offset my chronic Resting Bitch Face … Read More

Comfy work clothes that won’t make you a business casualty

I have a secret. As much as I like to look pulled together and polished at work, I have to be comfortable. As in, flannel pajama comfortable. I fight a constant battle between my desire to lean in and lounge around. Yes, there are days when I have to slip into my sharpest pencil skirt and high heels, but for the most part I … Read More

Ex Ed: Love lessons from my exes, not Judy Blume

God knows I love Judy Blume but there are several key love lessons she kind of dropped the ball on. Stuff I had to learn on the street. When my niece Emmi broke up with her last boyfriend, she wasn’t interested in turning her heartache into a teachable moment, and I get that. But even in the midst of your agony, … Read More

New York: Gossip Girls Trip on a Broad City Budget

Want to experience New York on a budget? My friend Jonathan and I just got back. It was his first time in the city and I wanted to make sure he had a great time without blowing our budgets. My first airplane trip ever was a solo trip to New York (where did I ever get the courage?), so this … Read More