Breaking Up With Your Best Friend

There are some people you think you’ll be friends with for life. They’ll be a bridesmaid in your wedding. They’re the one you call when the tampon string breaks. The only one who knows about the boob exercises you do before bed. Or the sex dream you had about a Walker from The Walking Dead. Or how much you liked it. … Read More

Strategic Snacking for Energy, Workouts and More

Hunger – or boredom, stress and PMS masquerading as hunger – can derail your healthy eating habits. Strategic snacking however, can help you stay on track with your health goals, while fueling your workouts and boosting your energy. Here are some of excellent options for the most common snacking occasions. To beat your afternoon energy slump: Steamed edamame is packed with energy … Read More

Inspiring Women in the Wannabe Workshop

What do you want to be when you grow up? A neuroscientist? Illustrator? Entrepreneur? Or maybe you want to challenge yourself to run a marathon, adopt a vegan lifestyle or start a blog. The Wannabe Workshop on is filled with inspiring women who have great advice on all kinds of career paths and life choices. Here’s a round-up of five of my favorite interviews. … Read More

Lebanese Stuffed Peppers

If you’re looking for an easy, healthy weeknight dinner (and who isn’t?), you need to try these Lebanese Stuffed Peppers. Some people call them Mahshi, my family calls them Meshi. (We’re Lebanese on my dad’s side, with a wee bit of Irish, which explains my pasty alabaster complexion.) Meshi, Mahshi. Tomato, To-mah-to. Point is, it’s delicious. Mahshi, (which sounds like a … Read More

30 things I’m loving for spring

I love these  30 Things posts and thought Spring deserved its own. Here are the things I’m excited about now that days are longer and the weather is warmer. Planning a Spring trip with my bestie. (NYC here we come!) Lighter eating Sundresses Pixi Glow Peel Pads Porch weather Cold Rosé Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Convertible rides Spring flowers for the patio Grilling … Read More

Standing Desk Diaries: Why I Gave Up Sitting Down

Sitting is the new smoking – you’ve heard that right? Those claims may be a little exaggerated, but there’s no doubt that we are far too sedentary for our own good. A study by the British Psychological Society found people spend an average of 5 hours and 41 minutes per day sitting at their desk – and that doesn’t even include our … Read More

Imposter Syndrome – secret shame or secret weapon?

I’ve had imposter syndrome pretty much my whole career. My disguise at this point is quite convincing: 40-something Creative Director writing ad copy or directing commercial shoots in a short skirt and sensible shoes. I work hard to make it look easy, to speak with authority and project confidence so that no one suspects I’m sometimes quaking in my booties. I … Read More

Working with your Gen X boss – 3 ways to manage up

Chances are your boss is a generation older, likely from Generation X. This generation of Reality Bites has gone from slacker cynics on the proverbial couch to leading teams in open-plan offices. And like each generation before (Boomers) and after (Millennials), they have their own style and their own way of doing things. And if you’re a Millennial or Generation Z, … Read More

So You Want To Be A … Vegan

I want my friend Heather to describe all my meals to me. Listening to her rhapsodize about sweet summer produce and fragrant herbs would surely inspire me to eat better and maybe even embrace life without bacon. But delicious foods are only one of Heather’s reasons for going vegan. She does it for her health, to minimize her impact on the environment and because … Read More

Summer Rolls with Spicy Peanut Sauce

The most important piece of cooking advice I have for my niece Emmi: master a few simple techniques for adaptable dishes you can serve up dozens of different ways. I’ve already showed how this suggestion works with baked potatoes, flank steak, pork tenderloin and roasted chicken. Now, I’m going to show you how versatile Vietnamese-inspired summer rolls can be. While spring rolls and egg rolls … Read More