So You Want To Be A … Wildlife Curator

With some job, you have to claw your way to the top. When you’re a wildlife curator, though, your job often claws back. Meet my friend, Chivon, the Wildlife Curator for Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve here in Birmingham, Alabama. Chivon’s worked with livestock and zoo animals and now gets up close and personal with snakes, owls and all sorts of creepy crawly things that inhabit this gorgeous, … Read More

5 Genius Ways to Save Money TODAY!

We’ve all been there. Lounging in bed with your bestie, bathed in a warm glow, when the first stirrings of remorse begin to overwhelm you. “Damn it! What was I thinking?” Yep, you’ve blown your budget before your feet have even hit the floor. That’s how easy we’ve made shopping these days: You sleep with your best friend –your phone … Read More

Let Go: 5 things I learned from my last haircut

On Valentine’s Day, I chopped off my hair. I know people do that all the time, but the last time I cut mine shorter, I asked for a long bob and ended up with a Sideshow Bob. I was miserable for weeks. Hair is my security blanket. I have the kind of thick, unruly mane that can go completely Lord of the Flies … Read More

Roasted Chicken in a Cast Iron Skillet

Sunday supper is a tradition my family holds dear. Sure, when I was a bratty teenager, I might’ve resented mandatory attendance when all my friends were flirting with boys and skin cancer by the rec center pool. But now that I’m older, I have a more adult (and gluttonous) appreciation for the care and love that goes into a home-cooked … Read More

Movies to Inspire Your Inner #Girlboss

If your idea of being a #girlboss was inspired by coat-tossing, back-stabbing Miranda Priestly or the bending and snapping Elle Woods, it’s time to expand your horizons. There are so many nuances to female leaders, from the challenges we face (only 10.6% of all employer firms are women-owned) to the equalities we’re constantly fighting for (gender pay gap, anyone?), ain’t nobody … Read More

Be Your Own Valentine (Even if you have a S.O.)

Valentine’s Day can be somewhat polarizing. Some people embrace it as a day to celebrate love and romance and all things chocolate. Others dismiss it as a Hallmark holiday. And if you’re single, like my niece Emmi is right now … well, you might be tempted to hibernate through the whole thing. But don’t! Whether you have an S.O. or not, why … Read More

Thai Spicy Beef Salad – Your new go-to dinner

Remember how we talked about the versatility of flank steak? Time to put it to the test. Thai Spicy Beef Salad is one of my favorite go-to weeknight dinners. It’s filling, easy-to-prepare and always gets rave reviews. I took a couple of Thai cooking classes when I was in Bangkok and this is one dish I regretted not learning to make. When I tried to … Read More

The Key to Workout Consistency

When it comes to books and boys, I’m a stage-five clinger. You have to pry both out of my sweaty little fists. With my workouts, though, I’m more of the love ’em and leave ’em type. Which, surprisingly enough, actually works in my favor when it comes to sticking with my workouts. And not because switching up my routine keeps me from getting bored (though it definitely … Read More

Speak so that people listen

Despite my introverted nature, not to mention fear and loathing of public speaking, I’ve always enjoyed joining the discussion in classes or meetings. In my writing workshops in college, I first learned how to speak so that people listen by deconstructing novels and critiquing my fellow writers’ works. My passion for writing allowed me to speak confidently in a way I never could … Read More

So You Want To Be An … Entrepreneur

I did a commercial last year that included the statistic, “67% of Millennials want to one day own their own business.” And why not? Today’s aspiring entrepreneur has several key factors working in their favor. Thanks to a recovering economy, social media and digital platforms, combined with our sharing economy, tech-savvy startups are disrupting entire industries. (Looking at you, Uber.) … Read More