Financial Checkup – 9 money questions to ask yourself

Every year around this time, our social media channels get clogged with two types of posts: “resolutions I’m making for the new year and why you should too” or “why I don’t make resolutions and why you shouldn’t either.” We get pretty bossy online, don’t we? That’s why I didn’t sit down to write a post about financial resolutions, even … Read More

LinkedIn tips: 5 ways to use your network to get work

If you could focus on one aspect of your professional life in the new year, I would say, build your professional network. And I have some smart LinkedIn tips to help you do just that. Less than twenty years ago, the word “network” was more a verb than a noun. It meant to actively seek out connections within your areas … Read More

Insanity Workout Week 6 Check In

Warm up the defibrillators. Insanity Workout Week 6 means new workouts, same pain. Remember, last week when I said I was a little bored with the Recovery week? That I missed being pushed to my knee-buckling, sweat-pouring limits? I take it back. No, no, not completely. But I’m still shocked to find that I love the challenge of these incredibly … Read More

Skin Zen – 5 Reasons Not to Wash Your Face Before Bed

Finally the dirty girl manifesto you’ve been waiting for! Well… not so fast. I’m not saying you shouldn’t wash your face (or brush your teeth, for that matter), ever. Just that – as is usually the case – timing is everything. I suggest you move your nighttime routine earlier in the evening. Say, right after dinner or before your shower. You’ll be … Read More

Eighties Vinyl Starter Pack – Gift Edition

A few months ago, I scored a perfect condition Crosley Vinyl Record Player like the ones above for just $10 at a garage sale. I’ve been dying to get one for my niece Emmi so I could assemble her Eighties vinyl starter pack. Any excuse to pop a Zyrtec and prowl around dusty old record stores, right? I’m really curious to … Read More

Insanity Workout Weeks 4 and 5

Back to our regularly scheduled check ins: Insanity Workout Weeks 4 and 5. As I mentioned, work has been providing the real insanity in my life. IRL, I’m a Creative Director at an ad agency, so last week I was on 5-day TV shoot in Williamsburg, VA. While I was prepping for the shoot, I subbed in some Insanity Fast and Furious workouts … Read More

So You Want to be … a Young Adult Author

I’m not the only auntie who wants to share some hard-earned experience with you. Meet Amy Leigh Strickland, a writer and teacher from Townsend, Massachusetts. Amy has a BFA in Performing Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design and an M.Ed. in secondary education from the University of Montevallo. She currently lives outside Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, Kyle and their rescued … Read More

Slow Cooker Pork Tenderloin (With A Mexican Twist)

So I got my niece Emmi a record player for Christmas. (This is exam week for her, so I’m trusting she’s studying rather than reading this.) I’ve been having a blast going to old record stores, searching for her vinyl starter pack (more on that later), and it’s put me in a very retro state of mind. (Even more so … Read More

Insanity Fast and Furious

Right now I’m preparing for a weeklong TV shoot out of town, so work is providing the real insanity in my life. But Shaun T, I can’t quit you completely. I just need to supplement my Insanity Workouts with a superfast sweat session that helps me maintain my ability to do Power Jumps without passing out. Insanity Fast and Furious definitely fits the … Read More

Travel Books to Feed Your Outdoor Soul

Ten years ago, I traded in my heels for hiking boots and became an outdoors person. It was a ‘when in Rome’ adaptation when I moved from Boston to Spokane, Washington, a little city in the Inland Northwest that borders Idaho. Spokane’s city motto is “near nature, near perfect”. To have any sort of social life, I needed to kayak or … Read More