20 Things We’re Summer Lovin’ Right Now!

Time to share more of our current obsessions. These are the 20 things we’re loving right now.

Morgan’s list

1.  Strawberry Smoothies from Starbucks

2. Being alone!
I’m so used to having a boyfriend all the time I forgot how nice it was to spend alone time with yourself!

3. Going to the gym!
While sometimes I lack motivation, going to the gym or working out in general has become a new love of mine!

4. Long hair
Long hair don’t care!

5. E.L.F. products!
Cheap and not tested on animals, not to mention the good quality! Who could ask for more?

6. Sunsets

7. Pineapples

All pineapple everything

8. Working my butt off this summer!
New position new responsibilities but I love my job!

9. College!
My first year down and I cannot wait for the next three!

10. Halsey’s new Album!!

Another work of art by Halsey! Her album kicks ass and kicks me right in the feels!

Stephanie’s List

11. Glossier Haloscope in Quartz

12. A fresh coat of paint
Instant gratification on Aisle 5 of the Home Depot. An easy way to refresh a room and lift your spirits.

13. Rosé all day
Basic, but still a summer staple.

14. Homemade vanilla ice cream
Best recipe ever: a quart of half and half, a can of sweetened condensed milk and lots of good vanilla. Put it in an ice cream maker and enjoy!

15. Book Squad Goals Podcast 

My friend Susan’s squadcast is smart, funny, and the virtual book club you’ve been waiting for.

16. Riverdale
Think of it as Twin Peaks-lite. A little something to tide you over till you can binge on the whole season of the Twin Peaks re-boot. Or better yet watch the OG version. SO good.

17. Great British Baking Show
The act of self-care you didn’t know you needed.

18. Wonder Woman

Haven’t seen it yet? Get on that!

19. Farmer’s market tomatoes
The red things you get in the supermarket just don’t compare.

20. Bad Liar by Selena Gomez
My bestie Jonathan never steers me wrong when it comes to music.

What are you obsessed with for summer? Tell us everything! 

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