YogaGlo Review: Stretch your body, not your budget

One of my goals this year was to commit to a regular yoga and meditation practice. Actually this is my goal every year, and while I might do yoga a few times a month, I’m never consistent enough to really feel like I have an actual practice. I hoped signing up an online subscription service could change that. Following is … Read More

Auntie Heroes – This week’s roundup of fierce, fearless women

Women who defy conventions, shake up the status quo and succeed on their own terms? We call them Auntie Heroes and here are some standouts for this week. Gabby and her Girls, Baller Babes:  Congrats to The University of Connecticut women’s basketball team for winning its record-setting  100th consecutive game on Monday night. They haven’t lost a game since November 2014 (in … Read More

Secrets of a Social Drinker

If it’s true that you’re only as sick as your secrets, alcoholism was a terminal illness in my family. Only it didn’t kill my grandfather. He killed a child in a drunk driving accident and went to jail for five years. I just sat with that sentence for a long time wondering if I could actually share his story. His … Read More

Valentine Solo Acts

Whether you’re consciously coupled or steadfastly single, Valentine’s Day (or Anna Howard Shaw Day, if you prefer) is a great time to show yourself some love. Here are some great suggestions from the Aunt-bassadors on easy ways to celebrate your S.S. (Significant Self).  Whether you get a massage like Melissa, turn your room into a special space like Meghan or do … Read More

Love Lessons from My Exes

As part of our new mini series, Love Lesson from My Exes, we’re sharing what women of all ages have learned about love (and themselves) on the dating scene. Here are Nicole’s love lessons so far. It’s okay to ask for what you want and need, and to be very honest and direct about it. If they don’t want to talk about things that … Read More

5 ways to develop an attitude of gratitude

I read something about gratitude on Pinterest that stuck with me. “What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for today. Wow. That’s when I got serious about developing an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude shouldn’t be a passing thought or every-now-and-then thing. It’s not that feeling of relief when the cop didn’t pull you over … Read More

When a friend goes missing

When I was in my twenties, I had a friend go missing. Penny* had married younger then the rest of us and had a two-year-old daughter, Allie*. One Tuesday, she missed picking Allie up from daycare. The next day, Penny’s husband Jim called her parents, saying he didn’t know where she was. “She didn’t come home last night?” Penny’s mom demanded. … Read More

Choosing children (or not) – real women weigh in

Monday, Danielle shared why she gave her daughter up for adoption. Wednesday, I shared why I’m childless by choice. For today’s post, we asked real women, from their early 20’s to their early 50’s,  why they decided to have children. Or not to have them. Or, if they’re still deciding, what’s influencing their decision. To breed or not to breed, that is the question. … Read More

Childless by Choice – Why I decided not to have kids

“If you ever want anything in this life, don’t have kids.” My parents frequently offered up that little self-esteem-building piece of advice to me and my sister, probably as an inside joke between the two of them. An inside joke edged with truth. I used to love reminding them of it whenever they asked about grandbabies. “We never said that,” … Read More

Choosing adoption – Danielle’s story

At 26, Danielle reflects on a choice she made at 15 – to put her baby up for adoption. One of the scariest times in her life turned out to be one of the most fulfilling. This is her story in her own words.  I found out I was pregnant when I started to feel ill. Not typical morning sickness, … Read More